About Jobaxle

JobAxle is a career building and recruitment platform that connects “right jobs” and “right people” together. It is not just an ordinary job portal, but a complete recruitment and career platform. Established by a TechAxis Pvt Ltd in 2018 after an extensive research on the Job market, JobAxle strives to provide the best services in the field of recruitment solutions and career building. With its easy to navigate and resourceful website jobaxle.com, JobAxle visions to improve the procedure of recruiting industry.  

At JobAxle, we understand that each individual has a different career perspective and try to help them find a job that suits them best. Jobseekers can create professional CV, setup alert for their preferred job, save a job for future references, setup notification for a job from their favorite organization, and also get a referral from JobAxle itself. Being a part of JobAxle, you can get access to various training workshops and seminars to enhance your skills to find a better job.

Furthermore, we also understand the need of employers and help them find the best talents for their respective organizations. With our advanced searching algorithms, employers can find the candidates who will add value to their organization. Employers can take advantage of the wide network of JobAxle to choose from the best candidates. JobAxle has a great network of individuals from Technical and Non-Technical fields, who will conduct an initial level interview of the candidates to save the employers from the hassle of going the random interviews.

Why JobAxle?

JobAxle values the individual need of Fresher, Freelancers, the experienced job seekers and Employers. It works rigorously to cater the need of each individual differently. JobAxle has a separate page for the IT and Non-IT Jobs to help the Jobseekers personalized job recommendations. JobAxle uses the advanced searching algorithms to provide a smooth experience to the job seekers and employers.


Our Mission

To bridge the gap between Jobseekers and Employers.

To become a local and global leader in the filed of recruitment solutions, career management and career building.


Our Vision

To create a sustainable recruitment platform to increase employment opportunities locally and globally.