We live in a technology-dominant century where we start our day using technology. However, despite being a developing country, Nepal is still struggling to get recognized in the Technological industry. With a fast-growing economy, the IT industry offers opportunities for people to get IT jobs in Nepal, with the highest paying IT salary in Nepal.

The IT sector has a huge scope in Nepal, and no wonder when there is scope, there is money. IT salary in Nepal is the highest as compared to any other field. Nepal's IT jobs value IT professionals’ skills and pay what they deserve.

Highest Paying IT jobs in Nepal

Among the IT jobs in Nepal, certain jobs pay you a way higher amount of money than other IT-related jobs in Nepal. Below are mentioned the top 5 highest paying IT jobs in Nepal. Check it out.

  1. Web Developer

    From designing a website to hosting it on the live server, Web Developers are responsible in all the aspects of web development. Web development is also associated with programming languages. The web developer job is one of the highest-paying IT jobs in Nepal. Web developers’ salaries are paid according to what role they are assigned.

    Yes, the concept of web development is old, but looking at the emerging changes in technologies and programming languages, there is no doubt that Web development carries a huge scope in the present and in the future.

    Web developer salary in Nepal ranges from NRs. 20k to NRs. 100k per month. (Based on the role and the experience.)

  2. Software Developer

    Software Developer is another highest paying IT job in Nepal. Software developers are behind all the software and applications we use in our daily lives. Software developer deals with all aspects of software development, including planning, research and software designing. Software developers need both technical knowledge and creativity to execute the software development work.

    You don’t particularly need a degree or experience to get a software developer job. You can join a software developer job as an intern and after gaining several months of experience, your employer may hire you for a handsome amount of salary.

    Software developer salary in Nepal ranges from NRs. 20k to NRs. 200k per month. (depends on your skills and experience.)

  3. Graphic designer

    Graphic designing is one of the best, most probably the best IT job in Nepal. Graphic designs are the most effective to convey messages through visual communications including web pages, brochures, logo designs, magazine covers, signs, annual reports, and other communication materials.

    You don’t particularly need a degree to start a job in IT in Nepal. All you need to do is develop graphic designing skills using Adobe's Creative Suite, including Photoshop and Illustrator. Moreover, you don’t actually need to join graphic designing classes to learn graphic designing but you can learn it online easily. Once you are prepared, search for an IT Job vacancy in Nepal online and, apply to get a graphic designer job. You can find an IT job vacancy in Nepal at our official website JobAxle.

    The net Graphic designer salary in Nepal ranges from NRs 30k to NRs. 50k per month. Beginners start from NRs. 14,000 per month and later when you develop into professionals you will get paid NRs. 40,000 a month or even more.

  4. System Analyst

    A System Analyst’s major role is to find and analyze problems occurred in information systems and design techniques to solve those problems. System Analysts aka Business Technology Analysts are also responsible for designing systems to implement the changes. A System analyst reviews systems regularly and generate reports.

    System Analysts create system guidelines and manuals for the company/agency to do projects more effectively. The system analyst job is an essential part of the system life cycle for organizations to handle large-scale IT Projects.

    System analyst salary in Nepal ranges from NRs 35,800 to NRs 124,000, depending on ones skills and work experience.

  5. Project Manager

    The major role of a Project Manager in an IT company is to plan, organize and implement the technical projects of clients. From managing a team to ensuring projects are completed on time on a given budget, IT Project Managers oversee all aspects of projects in an IT company.

    Other responsibilities of an IT Project Manager include:

    • Setting project goals and making plans to meet those goals.
    • Generating budget estimations and status reports.
    • Managing required resources for projects.
    • Coordinating project team members.
    • Creating IT strategies to deliver projects on time and within budget.
    • Organizing meetings.

    IT Project Manager salary in Nepal ranges from 50k to 100k per month. The pay scale may vary between the skills, experience, and qualifications of an IT project manager.

    The IT industry overall has a huge scope and it comes with multiple career opportunities with a high IT salary in Nepal. With the increasing demand for IT professionals in Nepal, the pay scales for different IT-related jobs in Nepal are also increasing. You can find an IT job vacancy in Nepal by visiting our website JobAxle and apply for a job with a high IT salary In Nepal.