IT Jobs In Nepal : Choose Best IT Job for You

IT Jobs In Nepal : Choose Best IT Job for You

IT Jobs In Nepal : Choose Best IT Job for You

The IT sector is booming and with the increasing demand for IT professionals, IT job opportunities in Nepal are continuously growing. If you love tech and are associated with any kind of IT job in Nepal then you are in luck. IT jobs in Nepal pay impressively more than the median wage for all occupations. The IT sector is the most demanding sector in Nepal with a robust occupational outlook.

Education Requirements For IT Job

Some highest paid  IT jobs require candidates to have at least a bachelor’s degree related to Information Technology such as computer science and software engineering. However, employers care more about your skills and quality of work than your formal education. Many companies evaluate IT professionals based on their portfolio and experience rather than their qualifications.

Types of IT Jobs in Nepal

Professionals in information technology (IT) manage and store data using various technologies such as computers, software, servers, and networks. Information technology is a broad subject where IT professionals play numerous specialized roles and expertise.

 A single IT professional may play multiple roles to serve an organization. For example, despite the job title variation, a "developer" may work as a "programmer" as well in the company, if he has developed such skills. Many IT roles are transferable which makes them qualified to do different roles.

 As for the types of IT jobs, we have broken down the IT jobs in Kathmandu into a few sub-groups below.

  1. IT Support: This area focuses on the professionals to assist end-users and solve daily technical issues.
  2. Software Development: This area of IT revolves around building and modifying software applications according to the needs of the consumers.
  3. Data Management: IT professionals in this branch of IT focus on designing structured database systems and analyzing the collected data.
  4. Cyber Security: This IT area revolves around data organizations and user security to reduce harm in the event of a breach.
  5. IT infrastructure: This branch of the IT sector focuses on planning, designing, and implementing IT-related hardware.

IT Job Opportunities: Top 4 IT Jobs in Nepal

Above, we covered the broader focus areas that come under information technology. Now, let's discuss some of the specific IT jobs in Nepal you can go for to make a successful career in IT.

  1. Software Developer


Software developers are in high demand in Nepal. Software developers are tech professionals who create and modify computer programs using programming and logical planning skills. The demand for software developers is fueled by the increasing demand for mobile apps and other computer software.

 Software Developer Salary in Nepal: NPR 20k to 200k (based on skills and experience)


Education Qualification For Software Developer


Usually, a bachelor’s degree in computer science or software engineering is required to apply for a software developer job in Nepal.


Duties of Software Developer

  1. Creating computer programs according to the need of users.
  2. Creating reference documentation.
  3. Recommending possible improvements and fixing existing problems in programs and systems.
  4. Mapping out how applications and systems will work together.
  5. Monitoring application functionality through maintenance and testing.

2. Web developers


Web developers typically design, create, and modify websites. Web developers primarily falls into one of three categories:

  1. Back-end developers: Those who are responsible for the technical construction of websites.
  2. Front-end developers: Those who design and create attractive websites.
  3. Webmasters: Those who maintain and update websites.

These three roles may blend together depending on the requirement of the organization. Web developers are important for an organization to maintain a user-friendly, stable website. 


Web Developer Salary in Nepal: NPR  20k to NRs. 100k per month, depending on the role, skills and the experience.


Education Qualification For Software Developer


Usually, a bachelor’s degree in programming or computer science is required to get a web developer job in Nepal. One with an associate degrees such as HTML, JavaScript, or SQL can also apply for a web developer job in Nepal.

Duties of Web Developer

  1. Assessing a website for a client.
  2. Creating and writing codes for websites.
  3. Creating web applications.
  4. Creating user-friendly, functional and accessible layouts for websites.
  5. Monitoring website traffic.

3.  IT Project Managers


IT project managers play an important role in planning, and executing IT projects and initiatives. IT project managers have perfect technical knowledge and communication skills, and they ensure the projects are completed on time within the given budget. IT Project Managers oversee all aspects of projects.

IT Project Manager salary in Nepal: NPR 50k to NPR 100k per month.


Education Qualification For IT Project Manager


Usually, a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or in a related field is needed for a IT Project Manager job.


Duties of Computer IT Project Manager

  1. Meeting with organizational and determining scope and deadline of IT projects.
  2. Identify potential barriers or issues and overcome those issues.
  3. Monitor project progress and ensure the project is completed before its deadline.
  4. Managing required resources for projects.
  5. Organizing meetings.
  6. Coordinating project team members.

4. Computer Support Specialists


Computer support specialists are the backbone of IT. They are responsible for assisting users with a wide variety of day-by-day technical issues. The responsibilities include trouble connecting to Wi-Fi, configuring a new workstation and solving troubleshooting issues.

There are two types of computer support specialists:

  1.   Computer Network Support Specialists: Those work with IT staff to troubleshoot problems.
  2. Computer User Support Specialists: Help desk techs who assist customers and non-technical employees.

Computer Support Specialist Salary in Nepal: NPR  30k to NPR 100k per month.


Education Qualification For Computer Support Specialists


Candidates with a postsecondary certificate or an associate degree in IT field can apply for a  Computer Support Specialist job in Nepal.


Duties of Computer Support Specialists

  1. Finding computer problems and evaluating their needs.
  2. Walking users through steps to solve technical problems.
  3. Training users on how to use computer hardware and software
  4. Setting up and repairing computer equipment and devices.

Apart from the IT jobs we discussed above, there are dozens of more IT jobs in Nepal that you can apply for. If you are looking for an IT job vacancy in Nepal then you can visit our website JobAxle, Nepal’s best Job portal. We wish you get great IT job offers through JobAxle.