How To Start Career in IT with Zero Experience?

How To Start Career in IT with Zero Experience?

How To Start Career in IT with Zero Experience?

A job in information technology (IT) allows people to solve problems, and constantly learn new things. Both the generalist and the specialist can take benefit from the diverse field of IT, whether in the form of knowledge or high payoffs. IT is a career path with competitive salaries and advancement opportunities. IT jobs are for those who are savvy with computers but can anyone start career in IT  with zero experience? The answer is Yes. However, securing an IT job with No related experience is pretty challenging. Let’s discuss how you can get a job in IT without experience.


What is IT Job?

An IT job can mean a job that one with the knowledge and skills in computer-related tasks can do. The computer-related tasks include computer software, data storage and management, and technical support. From installing, maintaining, and fixing computer issues to creating new programs or applications, Information Technology offers a variety of jobs.

IT professionals are responsible for the safety and security of a company's data, whether through identifying potential threats or fixing troubleshooting problems. Some IT professionals choose to monitor technological operations within an organization while others choose their career in computer science research, depending on what they are experts in.

IT jobs include:

  • Software developer
  • Computer support specialist
  • IT project manager
  • Web developer
  • Information security analyst
  • Graphic designer
  • SEO expert
  • UI/UX designer
  • Database manager
  • Computer programmer
  • IT technician
  • Computer system analyst
  • Chief information officer (CIO)
  • Network engineer
  • Software engineer

The required education and work experience vary between company and position. An entry-level IT job may not require an education qualification but securing a research and management job may require a master's degree in the related field.


How to Get an IT Job with Zero Experience?

Entering a skilled industry like Information Technology (IT) becomes challenging when you have zero experience. But there is a way out. Below are mentioned some important tips you can follow to get an IT job even if you don’t have experience.


  1. Earn an IT-related degree

    If you have an associate degree in information technology, it becomes much easier to get an IT job. Some IT jobs require a bachelor's degree in IT or in an IT-related field. If you are too busy to attend full-time classes for an IT-related degree then don’t worry. There are many programs that offer part-time options.

  2. Earn Certifications

    Learn new skills to earn IT certifications. This will add more value to your resume. You can earn IT-related certificates by attending online programs as well. Join certification programs for programming languages and operating systems as much as you can.


    The following certifications will increase your chance to get a job in IT.


    • Certified information system security professional (CISSP)
    • Global information assurance certification (GIAC)
    • Project management professional
    • Certified data professional (CDP)
    • Certified ethical hacker (CEH)
    • CompTIA


  3. Volunteer your services

    If you have some IT-related skills then volunteer your services. Offer IT services to small businesses or start-ups through which you can gain valuable experience working in a professional environment. The companies you are volunteering your services for may hire you as an IT professional in the future.

  4. IT Internship

    IT Internship is one of the easiest ways to get an IT job. No matter whether it’s paid or unpaid, joining an IT company always provides crucial work experience to the interns. After the compilation of your IT internship in Nepal, if you have developed enough IT skills, the company may hire you as their permanent employee on a high salary. After gaining IT skills via Internship, you may also apply for a job in other IT companies as well.

  5. Create LinkedIn Profile

    You may not know but 90% of employers find candidates on LinkedIn. So, you must have a LinkedIn profile to get an IT job faster. You don’t need to be an IT expert to grab the attention of the employers on LinkedIn. Mention all the IT-related skills and experience in your LinkedIn profile. The recruiters will contact you if they feel you are a good fit for the position they are looking for.

  6. Network

    You may have powerful connections with people associated with Information technology. So you have to use your network wisely to get a job in IT.  Employers are more interested in hiring a candidate on a recommendation than taking interviews of strangers. It’s better if you find an IT mentor who can guide you in your job. You can expand your network with IT professionals by attending networking events and by joining IT-related groups on social media

  7. Craft Resume

    When you see a job vacancy that you think you are fit for, don’t miss the chance and immediately apply for it. Write a compelling resume describing your skills and professional goals. We recommend you to attach a short cover letter as well. A cover letter is where one’s personality comes out. It increases the hiring chance. A compelling resume or CV is what convince a recruiter to invite you in for an interview.

  8. Be Prepare For Interview

    Getting an interview for those with no experience in IT is a half VICTORY you need to take advantage of that opportunity. Once you’re invited for an interview, start your preparation to turn your interview into a job offer.


    While preparing for an interview, you first need to do some research on the company you present yourself before the recruiter. Knowing the history and competitors of the company may impress your employer. You can then proceed with explaining why you’d succeed in their job. Most importantly, be prepared to answer the questions “Why should we hire you?”


We hope all the tips we mentioned above may help you get an IT job with zero experience. Best of Luck!!!