How to Become a Good Laravel Developer

How to Become a Good Laravel Developer

How to Become a Good Laravel Developer

Despite Laravel Developer being one of the most sought coding jobs, it can be rigorous to become one for those who are looking forward to a coding career. This is because most companies prefer their Laravel developers to be exceptionally skilled and talented with an ability to go beyond the possibility of using multiple development attributes. However, it is not easy as the Laravel development job includes the use of a big portion of PHP development which can create complications at times.

Now you may wonder, how to become a Laravel developer to fit the needs and requirements of the companies to build a fulfilling career in this ever-growing field. In this article, we will discuss the guidelines for becoming a good Laravel developer, also putting light on the essential skills required for the role. Let’s dive in.  

What is Laravel?

Before diving into the measures for becoming a Laravel Developer, it is ideal to learn briefly about Laravel. So, what is Laravel? In simple words, Laravel is a robust open-source platform across the PHP framework. Following the Model View Controller (MVC) architecture model, laravel is aimed to create the most sensible, realistic, and structured web applications. 

Laravel includes multiple databases. Among them, Object Relational Mapper (ORM) is the one responsible to simplify the access and manipulation of the data. Plus, the robust dependency management feature in the framework makes codebase maintenance convenient for the developers. Likewise, another important perk is its use of the Artisan, the command-line tool which aids programmers to launch multiple applications, new models, and controllers which speeds up the application development process.  

How to Become a Laravel Developer?

Developing the most needed Laravel developer skills, and proper planning helps you to stand out from the crowd. Here, we have put together tips to become specialists in the field.

  • Learn the fundamentals of PHP

As talked earlier, Laravel is an open-source framework of PHP and its framework blocks are based on PHP functions. Therefore, learning the fundamentals of PHP is a must.

Without a clear idea about the programming language, the complications are higher with increased risks for mistakes and complexities. So, you will not be able to develop the finest quality application without learning PHP.

Moreover, it is also propitious to learn the basics of other programming languages such as JavaScript, CSS, and Python.

  • Develop a clear understanding of Model View Controller Architecture 

Suppose you are working on codebases with no architecture with the unstructured code dispersed here and there. It can be a headache, right? This is where MVC characteristics come to life as they help to provide some structure to your code which in turn makes your work easy. Laravel is built on the same MVC to assist you with your web development. Hence, you need to understand Model View Controller Architecture clearly before beginning with Laravel. 

  • Practice your skills working on web applications

As they say “Practice makes the man perfect”, the same statement also applies here. No matter how much time you spend on your physical or online classes, you will never be perfect until you practice and practice.  

You can begin by building small Laravel applications in your home or education center. It not only helps to enhance your skill, but you can use them to create a portfolio to add to your resume and impress the recruiter when you apply for the job.

  • Continue your research

Self-motivation is key here. Collect as much information as you can on the framework to develop the best skills. For instance, if you come face to face with unknown codes or tags, make instant research and be familiar. This will help you cover every aspect of Laravel gradually.  

  • Learn from experts

If you know someone who is working in the relevant field, build a close relationship with them. You can learn a lot from their guidance as they are experienced in the field. So, utilize the moment to exchange information regarding Larval whenever you get a chance. This may also be helpful to land Laravel Developer jobs through referrals if luck favors it.

What Skills Are Needed to Be a Laravel Developer?

Following the tips, you are required to master some must-have skills to become a good Laravel developer. Here, we have put together some basic skills to learn.

Skills in Web Development

The primary role of the Laravel Developer is to create a web application. Therefore, you will not be able to fit the role if you lack the skills in web development. The important programming languages to learn are CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. 

Skills in website designs

The important duty of Laravel Developers also includes designing websites. So, it is crucial to learn the skills for creating easy-to-navigate websites. Alongside the programming language, you are required to be proficient in basic website designing skills including typography, analytical skills, creativity, InDesign, and PhotoShop. 

Database Management Skills

Laravel Developers ensure that all the data in the company is organized well in the database system. So, you should be good at building well-managed databases smoothening the way to share the data on the important departments in the organization. So, it is crucial to have hands-on database management systems including MySQL, Oracle Database, Microsoft Database, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, etc. 

Soft Skills

Let’s note, soft skills are also crucial for the role of Laravel Developer. You are not an individual but are a part of the team when developing functional web applications. So, soft skills including communication, organizational management, time management, and critical thinking are key.

What Does a Laravel Developer Do?

Once you are confident in your skills and knowledge following the mentioned guidelines, you are almost ready to start applying for the jobs of Laravel Developer. Learning the basic roles and responsibilities of a Laravel Developer will take your preparation one step ahead. So, what does a Laravel developer do? Here is a list of the basic responsibilities of a Laravel Developer in software development.

  • Design and build functional web applications using the Laravel framework.
  • Regularly implement User Interface tests to monitor the performance of the applications.
  • Implement regular tests to identify any bugs and errors and workout on the solutions. 
  • Check the efficiency and effectiveness of the various programming languages including CSS, HTML, and JavaScript on several platforms. 
  •   Design the database and ensure all the inputs are accurate and constant. 
  • Work with SQL databases.
  • Collaborate with front-end and back-end developers for a smooth process of software development.
  •   Stay up-to-date with the modern practices and trends in Laravel development.

How to Land a Laravel Developer Job in Nepal?

With an easy-to-read and use syntax, Laravel is gaining popularity as an exceptional framework for the efficient and effective development of applications in a quick time.  

Especially for its Model View Controller architecture, many companies in Nepal today are continuously looking to hire a talented Laravel developer to build feature-rich websites with high security and performance assurance. Therefore, the demand for Laravel developers is significantly immense and will only grow in the coming years to follow. But, the question remains - where to find an attractive Laravel Developer job in Nepal? Well, you should visit JobAxle to come across the numerous Laravel Developer jobs from top companies with impressive salary-scale. JobAxle is a leading job portal in Nepal with easy-to-navigate websites providing separate pages for IT-related and non-IT-related jobs to make Job hunting simple, yet effective.